Effective Marketing Tips for Restaurants

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These are many effective marketing tips for restaurants, and in this blog we’ll share with you some direct marketing techniques for your restaurant business. To get the best results, you can focus on your favorite one first. As you get more comfortable, you can add on to your efforts with another strategy.

Automated birthday promotions.

It is common knowledge that people love to celebrate special occasions in groups. For many of your customers, their birthday is the most important day of the year. When you reach out with a promotion, you warm up the hearts of your customers. This gesture makes them more loyal to your establishment.

It’s easy to put this strategy in place in your restaurant. Your staff can ask customers for basic contact details. The key pieces of information you need are; name, email, phone number, and birthday.

The best part is, you can use an affordable software solution to make this easy for you. A computer program can automate the process. In effect, you will be able to reach dozens of people within seconds.

Once you’re set up, the system will send out special promotions on each day you’re open. You will attract customers without even having to think about it.

Mass SMS/mobile messaging

Mobile technology has become central to your customers’ lives. SMS marketing is the most intimate way you could talk to your customers.

SMS technology allows you to send a short message to a large number of recipients with just a few clicks. It’s also cheap as compared to other media — such as radio or newspaper advertising.

You can see the results of your marketing within hours, sometimes within minutes. Try sending out a promo with a free drink for the first “x” customers. Another great technique is to send SAIS messages with special discount codes.

Residual income from monthly memberships.

You can add another revenue stream to your business by creating a monthly membership program. You could offer benefits such as priority seating or a monthly bottle of house wine, aor a rewards program. Your customers will love you for this because it gives them a chance to feel special. And everyone loves to feel special.

It’s also easy to set it up without much technical knowledge. The fastest way is to hire a digital agency to set it up for you, and mangement it if need be. The downside is that this option may be costly. On the flip side, there is a cheaper alternative.

Bruce Dugan
Bruce Dugan
A career entrepreneur, he has also served as CEO in several publicly-traded companies. He founded and operated a variety of companies in the areas of freight logistics, music distribution, film, technology and media, and is currently the tri-Chairman & CEO of Incognito Worldwide, Intech Creative LLC and Inicia Incorporated.

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