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You’re thinking about hiring an SEO services company for your site but haven’t made up your mind yet? The expense is something you don’t want to deal with, but maybe you should. Keep reading to find out about more benefits of SEO.

Do an online search for the category of your business and you’ll see a daunting list of competitors. Are you listed for the search terms your customers would be searching? Are your competitors listed? The answers to these and other questions are what has made professional SEO crucial to getting noticed and standing out in the crowd. And how does Pinterest figure in? We’ll get to that. 

There are a few basic components to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), These include on-site optimization, and off-site optimization and promotion. Optimization includes a wide scope of work, not the least of which consists of reconstructing structural elements, content, and linking.

Benefits of SEO

Did you know that in the Searchmetrics “Winners & Losers’ report (as far back as 2016), Pinterest was the biggest SEO winner? And if continues to be an SEO leader, Buy 2020 75% of users on Pinterest were reporting that they were in the process of buying online.

The above-mentioned report is not the same as an organic search ranking for your website but aims to give an overview of how often a website shows up in search results, based on “search volume and the position of ranking keywords” (as set out in the Search-metrics FAQ).

The biggest winners they say (noting that they were only 10% of the overall report) were social media Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, all of them ranking in the top 10 as it relates to “absolute gains.” But the big surprise was that Pinterest was in the lead, falling in second only behind Google.

We’ve been advocating for our clients to have Pinterest accounts since 2014 when we saw referrals from Pinterest for one of our eCommerce clients jump to 30% of all referral traffic. The deep learning ability of Pinterest is continuing to make it better and smarter, and customers using it will benefit. Not sure how to use social media to drive your business? Ask us, and we’ll set up a cost-effective service plan to promote your business on social media. Or, check out this do-it-yourself-tool.

Fast Loading Sites Optimized for Mobile Devices

A slow-loading site or one that doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices drives visitors away and is given lower rankings in search engines. The right SEO techniques will help your website load quickly and be easy to read.

Correct Keywords

Keyword research takes time, knowledge, and commitment. It’s essential to rising in search results and competing with other businesses. If done incorrectly, your site won’t rank and both time and money will be wasted.

Time to Run Your Business

Everyone needs time to run their business and utilizing SEO services helps. Instead of worrying about search engine results and placement, you’ll be able to focus on fine-tuning your business efforts more effectively.

Learning SEO isn’t done overnight. It takes practice, research, and experience to get lasting results that won’t harm your business’s search engine visibility.

Get Noticed and Gain Loyalty

Well-done SEO can also help spread the word about your products or services across social media. You’re more visible when your SEO is correctly optimized and other sites will pick up on it. This promotes brand awareness and free word-of-mouth advertising.

As you can see, the benefits of using professional SEO services for your website will make up for the cost. One of our eComm clients saw organic income (people who found them in search and bought) grow from $23,000 in March 2014 to $43,000 in March 2015.

Historically, higher search ranking — for the right keywords — will increase traffic to your site. Higher traffic usually converts to higher conversions, depending on the quality of your presentation and the quality you deliver.

Whether you learn and implement SEO yourself, assign it to your staff, or hire an expert SEO digital marketing agency, the benefits of SEO services are plentiful in growing your business.

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