John Mellody, MS, ATC
John Mellody
February 20, 2021
August 6, 2018
  • Taskdevelopment, design, and management

Challenges: Develop a web-application, companion mobile app, all marketing materials, investor materials, and manage the trade-show product launch.

Solutions: We set up a strategy and a timeline to:

  • developed the website using the I2MEDIALAB I2MCMS  framework
  • developed a mobile app and integration with the web application  (using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and MySQL for the database)
  • designed all marketing materials, including logos, tee shirts, brochures, press kits, investor materials, and trade show event materials
  • wrote and produced the intro videos
  • managed trade-show production, wrote press releases, and designed and produced all event materials
  • set up sales systems, processes, and strategies


  • product, plus all materials completed on time for event
  • installed and configured accounting, subscription management, and project management systems
  • loaded in and set up event booth