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AFX Network, Global 3PL, and Urban Network provide a closed full-service ecosystem for shippers, freight providers, and the AFX agent network -- to provide commercial ground freight, warehouse management, and local just-in-time services. 

AFX Ecosystem design 
Overview of Urban X
Services and go to market plan


The transportation sector is complicated, and AFX - Global 3PL - Urban X Network is attempting to complete disrupt the status quo at a fundamental level.  So our requirement was to become fully immersed in their vision to fully comprehend it, and thereby be able to tell that story visually. This included developing three sets of investor documents for each brand, even though all three were built on the same engine and are therefore fully integrated with one another. 


The Inicia-Incognito teams did a deep dive into the marketplace, research size, scope, competition, and unique value propositions for all three of the brands. Armed with that knowledge, we then proceeded to write, design, and develop all of the investment materials:

  1. Researched and write the business plan executive summary
  2. Researched, wrote, and designed the investor one-sheet
  3. Researched, wrote, and designed the pitch deck (one for each brand)
  4. Researched, wrote, and designed the KPI chart
  5. Researched, wrote, and designed the Lean Canvas and 5-force charts (for each brand. 


With the I2MEDIALAB team having developed about 80% of the AFX-G3P-UX system, our client now has the documents required to make compelling investor presentations, and thereby engage in serious fundraising discussions. More updates coming soon. 

From The Client-Partner 

“When I determined that AFX's time had come, the Inicia team -- with Bruce's deep background in logistics and marketing, and Mario's in technology -- made them the perfect partner, especially since AFX was Bruce's initial concept from decades ago, with me providing some additional ideas .” -- Jim Zimbler, Global 3PL Chairman

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