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April 10, 2021
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Restaurant tools include Powerlistings, a single dashboard to sync to Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, and many more. Display your company info and food menu everywhere. Manage it in one place.

Powerlistings includes menus Powerlistings has always included Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yahoo, Bing, and others for information, but unlike Facebook — which has always been synced with the food menu –, many of the 70+ directories have only recently been bridged to show your food menu too.

Running a restaurant is difficult, even in the best of circumstances. Thus it is a no-brainer that you should be listed everywhere, correctly, and consistently. Too many restaurants have some SEO companies list them in the basic directories and/or search engines and then forget about it.

This is why so many links on the web are outdated, and/or no longer live — they were built and forgotten. You yourself have probably searched for things only to find a listing or website that is out of date. It’s frustrating. People that stumble onto your website and/or directory listing are frustrated too if your information is not consistent and correct.

PowerListings is a single dashboard login where you can manage all your company information and food menu(s). This includes the name, logo image, address, phone number, position on maps, hours, holiday hours, and more. You can build bio pages for owners, chefs, and staff if you want. You can also add images and videos.

Restaurant Tools

But most importantly, you can build your menu by category and items, and they are displayed on your website, and a multitude of location-based directories — such as Facebook, Yelp, CitySearch. AmericanTowns, Yahoo and so many more.

There are 70+ directories in all, and many of them integrate with the menu. So if you want to add or delete an item, change a price(s), you go to one place, and it is updated everywhere.

Having complete website development for restaurants, many restaurants, we’ve found this to be an invaluable tool.

“Automation is to your time what compound interest is to your money” —  Rory Vaden.

Click here for more information, to access a free search to where (or not) your listed, and if the information is correct. You can also subscribe to the platform from that page as well.


Bruce Dugan
Bruce Dugan
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