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Bruce T. Dugan

A Creative entrepreneur who excels at strategic planning, project development, logistics, marketing, and trend recognition, he brings to the Company a passion for media and technology, vision, and extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, including tenure as C.E.O. of several publicly traded companies.

Bruce began his career in freight logistics in the late 1970s and launched Worldwiay Feightways in 1982 quickly becoming one of theBruce T. Dugan interviwed by Small Business Enterprise forerunners of direct point-to-point LTL shipments in the USA. Clients included industry leaders such as Dupont, Couristan Carpets, Sumitimo, and others. In 1994 he launched Transcom Freight developing a same-day delivery network in 28 cities to service AMEX and the Federal Reserve Bank, and special projects delivery for clients such as Morgan Stanley, Ford, Goldstar, MSC, Rubbermaid, and others.

He forayed into the entertainment industry with a record label in the early 1990s (that was highlighted on the cover of Billboard Magazine, and featured artists in Black Beat and Teen Machine Magazine), and then served as executive producer of an indie feature film in 1998, and formed First Drum Inc to co-produce The Last Poets documentary in 2002 that aired on the BRAVO Network from 2004-2006.

Today Bruce serves as CEO of Inicia Incorporated, which he co-founded with Mario Delfino in 2005, as well as its subsidiaries Incognito Worldwide, I2MEDIALAB SA, and First Drums Films. He has been profiled in several magazines, being named to the top CEO list by Business Connect, and The Lader Globe, among others. Incognito has also been profiled in many publications.

Earning money unto itself is not a success, that is  just the reward for  job well done. – Bruce T. Dugan 

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