Support FAQ’s

General Questions

1Does Incognito Work Directly with Consumers?
Yes, however as a consumer you will need to contact one of our sales offices, either in New York for clients in the U.S.A., Bangalore for clients in Asia, or Buenos Aires for clients in South America and/or Spain. Go to our Contact page to get started.
2Is Incognito a U.S. Corporation?
Incognito Worldwide is a subsidiary of Inicia Incorporated (a Deleware corporation). Other subsidiaries are I2MEDIALAB, S.A., Intech Creative LL., and First Drum Files to deliver all the services presented on this site. For more info on other subsidiaries, view
3What is a Digital Agency?
A Digital Agency provides creative, strategic, and technical services in the online space. These services include branding & design, development (websites, web applications, mobile apps), consulting, digital marketing (PPC, SEO, content, social media, PR), and technology setup & integration (GSuite, project management tools, inbound marketing-sales-service workflows, and tools). We also provide domain registration and management and hosting. In consulting we provide strategy, tactics, and reporting workflows, and implementation guidance. This can relate to design, video, development, programming, deployment, management, and fulfillment reporting. Often, interactive agencies provide digital lead generation, digital brand development, interactive marketing, and communications strategies, rich media campaigns, interactive video brand experiences,
4How Can I Become An Agent of Incognito Worldwide?
Agents of Incognito Worldwide are typically small software/ website/ marketing/ or sales-oriented companies that through collaboration are looking to grow and offset some of the workloads they themselves can not handle in-house; while also increasing customer satisfaction, and/or require a better sales to cost ratio. Incognito Worldwide has a business process structure that we adhere to. It is a protocol staged approach that includes research, planning, setup, implementation, and reporting. It also provides full transparency of a project cycle among project participants and the client. So to become an agent of Incognito Worldwide one needs to be flexible and willing to adapt to our existing infrastructure process and protocols. Contact us to learn more.
5What is The Core Competency of Incognito Worldwide?
While we are very good at several disciplines, our core focus is an overall coordinated marketing strategy on behalf of a client. This means that we begin with branding and adapt that identify to create or modify their website, technologies -- such as mobile apps or 3rd party integrated applications, social media pages, marketing materials (brochures, videos, images), and then provide marketing services to promote that brand, including online Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization (SEO - on-site and off-site), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Adverting (Pay Per Click or PPC, and affiliate network development), local directory setup & management, and content creation (images, article and blogs, surveys and polls, and video).
6How Does Your Fee Structure Work?
As a service-based company, we operate on cash-flow. For technology and website development, we're paid fifty percent (50%) upfront to begin a project; twenty-five percent (25%) upon the client-approved completion of the framework structure and layout, and the remaining twenty-five percent (25%) when the content is loaded and the project is ready to go live. We can also host websites and mobile apps. For marketing services, we're paid in full at the start of each work cycle, which is usually monthly but can also be semi-annual or annual. Advertisement buying we're paid a budget upfront and then provide reports of usage.
7Can I Get a better Price Going Direct vs Through an Agent Office?
No. Our pricing structure is consistent regardless of whether you go through an agent or not. Going through an agent however provides additional benefits to you, such a point of contact in your area and they (the agents) can provide the personal attention and time that our programmers and marketing team cannot (beyond the monthly behind the scenes work, reports and monthly teleconferences.)
8Where Can I Find More Information?.
You can learn more about the Company in our news section, or our library that provides tips on Internet, marketing, mobile and technologies under Blogs on the Menu, or by subscribing to any of our social media pages, or our free newsletter that links all of the above as well as special offers.

Questions about Technology

1What Do I Need to Know Before Having a Website Built?
Websites are an online extension of your brand identity, your products and/or services. So before contracting us to build your website, do your own homework to identify who and what your brand is; what you want to say, and to whom you want to say it. Certainly we can do marketing research and help you [through our branding and consulting services] come up with those and other concepts. With the identity and message in place, you'll need to provide -- or we'll need to create -- a logo, domain name, hosting account, social media pages (and their accesses). We provide a questionnaire for you to complete with these and other pieces of critical information. Websites serve as your hub of information flow, pushing information via social media pages, newsletters, surveys and other avenues, and pulling info in from them. We create sites with online marketing in mind, and follow a thorough research, planning, setup and implementation. We build sites to be SEO friendly, integrate with your social media pages, functional with easy navigation, fast loading, and concise message placement.
2What's the Difference Between an Open-Source vs. Custom Website?
Most websites today are built on one of the several open-source frameworks available, usually WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Magento to name just a few. A web designer still needs to customize the components, layouts and designs, graphics, functionalities -- such as entry or exit surveys and a myriad of other functionality options. However the basic operating framework is already provided, which is why sites can now be built faster and more cost -effectively. Still, there are some website projects that can't be built on open-source frameworks because they require functionality that is not available on open-source, and/or the integration capability for custom development is not supported. For these types of sites we custom design and code the site on our own in-house framework called Corengine. Using our own framework provides us unlimited customization capability to deliver the exact functionality the client requires.
3Why Do I Need a Mobile App?
The better question is why wouldn't you want your customers and potential customers to have your information, contact info and offers in their hand ALL THE TIME! With Smartphones on the rise, people are connecting via the web more than ever; searching venues, offers, and shopping online. In the mid 1990s when the Internet was a new concept to consumers, business owners would ask "Why do I need a website?" I think today you know the answer to that. Similarly people now ask "Why Do I Need a Mobile App When I Have a Website?" Mobile App usage grew at a rate of 115% in 2013, and continues to spike upwards: mobile is changing the way we live, and the way consumers behave and interact, shop and connect. As such, in another year or so you'll be asking why you didn't get a mobile app developed ahead of the curve, rather than doing it in catchup mode. Contact us today to discuss the options.
4What is a Web, Mobile or Cloud-based Application?
In today's hyper-technological world most any function process that you perform, customer interaction, or information syndication can be can be automated, aggregated, or initiated through Applications. Cloud applications store and operate on the web, rather than a local computer. This means that your critical data can be accessed by you on any computer or mobile device, rather than just your personal local computer. Examples of applications would include Customer Relation Management (CRM), billing and accounting software, sales management platforms, and.or full Enterprise systems [that can seamlessly provide the platform for you to manage your employees, customers, tasks, and billing]. There are also plugins that can provide certain functions and be integrated to your existing systems -- like billing or task management added to your Microsoft or Google accounts. View our Technology section or Talk a rep to learn more and find out what is right for you.
5With So Many Hosting Services, How Do I Choose The Right One?
For most corporate, personal and blogging websites, basic shared hosting will fulfill the requirements you need. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices out there, and especially in trying to sort through all the techno-babble. GoDaddy, Blue Host, Gator Host or our own Intech Web Tools or i2Ezhost will support the need of most websites. If you're running an Enterprise system, online magazine, social network and/or heavy functionality site with a large traffic usage, then you will likely need something more robust: such as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server. Talk to one our reps via email or call 1.866.900.0669 x 801 for tech support and will let you know quickly what is right for you, and help you set it up.