Thoughts of a C.E.O

Thoughts of a C.E.O. I've been an entrepreneur all my life, with extreme highs and extreme lows. This blog deals with aspects of that journey; mistakes I've made, things I got right, and what I've learned along the way.

  • Getting to YES!

    Many entrepreneurs often wonder 'Why did that guy reach heights I have not yet attained?" On the one hand, as I had previously written, many young entrepreneurs strategize themselves out of business.Research and planning are essential for sure, but you have to also get stuff done! And that applies […]

  • How To Protect Your Email and Personal Info

    Reddit was hacked last night, and that might have you thinking about how you can protect your info.  In this short article, I delve into an easy way to put you one step further away from hackers accessing your personal info.  […]

  • Tips to Social Media Effectiveness

    In my most recent article entitled 7 Tips for Social Engagement, I set out to give startups and small businesses concepts and tools they can use to increase brand awareness, and move towards sales conversion.Marketing is a difficult and ongoing investment that any successful company has to make. It […]

  • When No Beats Yes

    Based on this premise, a buddy of mine had conducted an interview with Gary Ryan Blair a few years back that talks about fundamentals that align with this way of thinking. I had also written an article some years ago entitled "Win or Fail," based on a statement a mentor had passed on to […]

  • The Sates Dilemma

    I had once noted that many startups strategize themselves right out of business because they don’t get stuff done! Sales may be one of the more daunting efforts you have to succeed at.Many businesses fail. In fact, an estimated 80% of new businesses will fail within the first 18 […]