Digital Marketing

Incognito Worldwide has extensive experience planning strategies, deploying tactics, and building and implementing digital marketing initiatives.

We deploy a fairly standard roadmap approach, as outlined above, then combine that with the knowledge of our in-house business consultants — who evaluate your brand and industry sector — with our marketing team’s knowledge of how to convert that information into an actionable marketing plan.

Below is a partial explanation of some of the strategies we use, and goals we aim to achieve. Also, ask us about video production. 

SEO ranking and website visibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a tactic to expand online visibility for a website [or social media page] in search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and many subsequent sub-search engines and compilers, such as DogPile, Digg, and others). We raise your ranking in search engines so people can find you when they search a variety of keywords. 

Incognito World is at the forefront of search engine protocols, paradigm shifts and trends that we put to work to empower your brand.

Our SEO service begins with optimizing the site making sure the website is structurally, inclduing

  • Proper keywords we identify through research.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Technical audit for file compression (images, code) to ensure fast-loading pages.
  • The configuration of title, tags, descriptions, semantics and overall site health.
  • Integrated social media links, feeds, and syndication.
  • Elimination of broken links.

Promoting the site through:

  • Search engine submissions.
  • Directory submissions.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Guest blogging and syndication of content to social media.

There are many more activities — that combined with the above — increases higher search ranking and an increase in organic traffic and brand awareness.     

Social Media
:  Think about how you interact with a new introduction when you’re at an event. Would you introduce yourself by saying “H, I’m John, do you want to buy my service/product?”

Odds are you wouldn’t.  You’d develop a rapport and eventually discuss your business at a later date. The same applies online. Social media marketing is a process of getting to know your prospective client, their behavior, their interests, and engaging them with things they are interested in, things they’d relate to; information, stats, and other content.

Incognito Worldwide will help you become an authoritative voice in your industry.  When they respect you, they’ll listen, they’ll learn why they should hire you.

Our social marketing team posts to your social media pages every day and evaluates who shares, who comments, who likes and, then with that information adjusts accordingly to grow your followers, As the relationship grows they become more comfortable and then, they buy. ‘Build it and they will come’ in this hyper-competitive marketplace is not reality. Cultivate, encourage, educate and engage does.

We build a plan and integrate SEO, social media, directories, pay per click ads, landing pages, and/or content management, and deliver reports monthly. (see example here)

Advertising. There are many ways to advertise on the web, including search engine Text Ads, Product ads, Image ads, and also image ads on social media as well. 

Landing Pages: In advertising, we adhere to a method referred to as A/B testing. This is simply running small budget ads to see what stimulates hits, and then conversions. Once we’ve identified an ad that is working, we create a specific landing page to drive that message and convert viewers. The landing page not only drives the message, but also collects valuable information — such as where they found your ad, what they’re interested in, and promotes them to follow your blog and/or newsletter. These can be Restaurants, personal injury, violation lawyers, for example.

Display Ads: Display ads appear in accordance with keywords and search strings, and are displayed with images on third party websites — rather than solo text links that appear on search engine pages.  

Re-marketing: When a viewer views or clicks your display ad (included in the price above) or visits your website, your display ad will then follow them around the web and display on any other websites they visit that are part of the Google ad network. (price included in the above)

Re-targeting: Similar to re-marketing in concept, re-targeting we would use for animated videos we create on behalf of the client, and promote predominantly on YouTube so that your video appears before the viewers chosen video.

Product Ads: These are also ads that display images, text, and prices on merchant platforms geared for the selling of products.

Social Media Ads: Initially we suggest that we manage test ads on Facebook with a very targeted geolocation campaign; later we shall do the same with LinkedIn (which has access to better onsite data-mining).  

NOTE: There is no minimum requirement budget ad spend, but we do maintain a minimum setup fee as indicated above. However, because these campaigns are on a pay-per-click basis, we can set the daily, weekly, or total spend limits so as not to exceed your budget.