Accessibe for ADA compliance

ADA Compliance Automated

Yes, you can now get  ADA compliance automated on your website using A.O. In 2018 the Department of Justice recognized websites as places of business, and as such, they became subject to the web accessibility standards rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So now, just like a physical restaurant must have a disability ramp, a website has to be WCAG & ADA compliant as well. The DOJ put out this guideline in 2022
Read about the 1990 ADAA

We know what you’re thinking –“ah, another thing to distract me from focusing on my business!

But here is the good news: this ADA compliance Accessibe widget tool is fully automated and keeps working and adapting so you don’t have to. It’s like during on the lights — you throw the switch and forget about it. Same, here, once embedded on the site it works 24/7 to keep your website compliant and adjusts to new browser changes and upgrades.

Learn more about the Accessibe A.I. on our sister site I2WEBSERIVCES and they’ll help you install it at no extra cost.

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