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Social media requires effort and focus to be effective. Not only do you have to post continually, but it also has to be the right content that will engage your audience and followers  Because of the daunting nature of running a successful campaign, many companies simply source it out to marketing agencies like ours, or others.

If you’re a small company without the budget to hire outside help. then one easy step would be to find the most time-effective way to maintain your social media interaction. The eClincher tool is the best we’ve found in its price class. No doubt that Sprout is likely the best, but it is also much more expensive for a small business.

The eClincher will get you up and running for approx. $65 a month, and you’ll be able to blast your posts once and have them distributed to all your social media platforms, including several that some of the more expensive tools don’t even have access to. And, you’ll be able to schedule them in advance for an entire week, month, or longer.

To learn more about effectively managing your social media page content, visit our sister company to access eClincher.

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