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How can a corporate or personal website increase visibility to increase visitor traffic? SEO. youv’e probably heard the term before. It is cost-effective? Yes, because it has long-term effects.  SEO increases visibility even after the camapgin has ended, provided you retain a minimum maintenence effort. Here is some further insights to Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords and Keyword Density

SEO experts have varying opinions about keyword density. Shaun Anderson, for instance, opines there’s no ideal or optimal keyword density. Apprently it’s not a case of a one size fits all. There are many variables involved in the search engine ranking formula however and, of course, eveytime Google makes an algorithm change it has far-reaching ripple effects.

Most professionals though do agree that SEO is about page ranking. At the same time, the way to achieve higher page ranking goes far beyond just keywords and keyword density. SEO experts worth their salt understand too that the site structure itself has to be optimized; compressing photos and JavaScripts, having the proper title tags, search word, and Meta descriptions, page speeds and many other factors.


Keyword research is where SEO begins though, and in this highly-competitive field has become almost an art form.

SEO Synonyms

SEO content is more inmportant than ever. It’s been quoted that content is not king, it’s the entire kingdom. After all, search begins with relevant words. But the algorithms that drive the search robots have evolved to the point that they don’t just hunt matching words, they also have the intellegence to seek out and  recognise relevance. Search engines like Google pride themselves on the value proposition of relevancy. They can differentiate between synonyms — thanks to the existence of databases such as Google Synonyms. For instance, a keyword such as ‘bat’ may be used to refer to either a flying mammal or sporting equipment.

You can now find — with high accuracy in record time — relevant content within the click of a search word on a search engine

The benefits of SEO Services lie in achieving high rankings on search engines and thus climbing to top of the food chain. The financial benefits to SEO is that while it can take 90 days (or more) to achieve top 5 positioning in seaarch, the position gains strength over time. Think of it like a young tree that through time extends its roots.

Digital Visibility

Brand Visibility and Recognition

Another benefit of SEO Services is brand recognition and visibility for corporates and personalities. SEO material is as good as an advert or marketing material. This content guarantees online visibility, increased web traffic and, if you have the right product and/or story, increaed discussion, engagement and sales.


Note that SEO is not a simple service that can be compared like apples to apples. There is a range and depth to SEO. There are teechniques that some experts know that others do not.  But most importantly, when you decide to engage in SEO it should be something thta fits into your overall marketing plan.

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