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Dinevite Inc is a PaaS (platform as a service) to return promotional control of restaurants back to their owners and provide a VIP experience to their customers. Incognito Worldwide developed the branding materials (online and offline) as well as its marketing roadmap strategies. 

5 force chart developed from market research, and then designed 
This is just 1 of 7 pages that comprised the full marketing strategy road map 
Event materials created for the International Restaurant Show in NYC March 2020


Our sister company I2MCMS developed a web-based application with companion mobile apps for Android and iOS (Apple). Dinevite then required investor and marketing materials, as well as market research and marketing roadmap strategies. 


incognito Worldwide provided the following solutions: 

  1. Market research (size, competitors, unique value proposition, and scalability
  2. Brand Bible -- an extensive document with the company and product narratives to be deployed in marketing materials, ads, and social media
  3. Developed social media pages
  4. Designed event materials
  5. Wrote video scripts and website onboarding landing page scripts 
  6. Designed and wrote all investor materials (pitch deck, one-page investor sheet, 5 force chart, KPI chart, business plan, and executive summary)
  7. Researched and developed a marketing roadmap 


The product went to the International Restaurant Show in New York City (March 2020)  on time and was met with enthusiastic reviews from restaurant owners. The COVID-19 pandemic hit that week and the project had to be shoveled as restaurants were shutting down throughout the city. 

Update: Dinevite.me has been updated and it is currently available in the Google Play and Apple stores. Restaurant owners can learn more and signup free here. Or check out the step-by-step tutorials here. 

Funding Materials 

KPI Charts 

Mobile App

From The Client

"The level of research and design work has been extensive, and the marketing and investor materials these guys developed helped us raise several rounds of investment funding. Additionally, they set up and configured a 3rd party operations system for us for project/task management, subscriptions management, and accounting.  Highly recommend!"

-- Eddie Fahmy, co-founder, CEO, Dinevite Inc. 

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