Lashevet Restaurant

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An intimate and casual restaurant on the upper east side of Manhattan that offers middle eastern cuisine that includes Israeli, Moroccan, and Lebanese, with influences of France. 

One of three main slider messages
Powerlistings menu displays specials from each of the 3 onsite vendors
(currently closed for winter)
Photo video gallery displaying on home page.  
Top half of About Us page


The challenge was firstly how to capture the essence of the place and translate it visually: we wanted website visitors to see a true representation of the restaurant. Secondly, the restaurant needed to get traction, quickly. Restaurant rents in NYC are too high to take a long to gain traction: it needs to be highlighted, found, and frequented quickly. And lastly, the owners had little time to manage the website, so we needed to develop as much automation as possible. 


  1. We developed the website using a WordPress framework. 
  2. Homepage consisted of three main messages using slider text and images
  3. The photo gallery is populated on the site by Instagram so that they don't have to load anything to the site
  4. We set up a  PowerListings dashboard, which houses general info, hours, and food menus, then populate it on the website and across a 77 directory network. 
  5. Created and branded all social media platforms
  6. Lastly, we did the initial website and social page optimization of the website so that it would track in search. 


The venue has been getting rave reviews, the client is happy that there is no on-site maintenance or update requirements by them, and the website is ranking well in search:  for "middle eastern cuisine upper east side NYC" the GMB page is listed 2nd, and the website is the only restaurant on the 1st page, along with leading publishers such as TimeOut Magazine, and directories suchas Yelp. 

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

From The Client

“The owner of Sushi Dojo NYC suggested Incognito Worldwide do the website for my new restaurant. I've been delighted at the focus and attention that they provide. They're always available when I need even the smallest updates to the website be it images or text, as well as menu changes. Simply the best!” -- Lola, co-owner Lashevet Restaurant. 

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