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Keys Cove

A Japanese Izakaya located in Oyster Bay, NY 

Interior mural
Middle of home page with the Chef's favorites
Danny\'s NY analytics
Hard copy menu design 
The website menu pulled from the Pwoerlistings widget


A restaurant group tht owned three (3) Chinese restaurants wanted to launch a Japanese Izakaya. There were several partners and managers, all of whom had opinions on the look and feel. Our challenge was to develop a brand identity that all could agree on and then incorporate that identity into the development of a new website 


Using the WordPress CMS framework, we designed the main website using three sliders to promote the foods, followed by a variety of sections on the home page that summarised more detailed pages buried within the site.

The site featured imagery of the food, which is the primary thing they were selling, plus we embedded links to third-party online ordering.

Lastly, we set up the company in the  POWERLISTINGS dashboard, where their information was synced on 71 location-based directories. We built their viewable food menu on this platform so that they only had to log in to one place to update hours or food items across the entire network. And there is also an Analytics widget so that they could review who was coming to the site, what days and hours were most used by computers vs mobile or tablets, and how much traffic each was generating. 


The logo, website, hard-copy menu, and powerlistings were designed, developed, and completed over 4 weeks, the site was SEO friendly and launched. We continue to host the site.  

Logo / Website 


30 Days

From The Client

“The Incognito Worldwide team showed immense patience as they navigated all of our partner's opinions to come to a final consensus on a logo design that we all loved.  The website was clean and crisp as we requested, and they set up everything for us making the process easy.  ."

Randy Klein -- Co-Owner

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