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Bruce T. Dugan speaks

Bruce T. Dugan, Incognito CEO is listed in top 25 most valuable CEO’s in India, according to Business Connect Magazine.  He has been an anomaly since his arrival in 2012. There are plenty of large firms with campuses in Bangalore (the ‘silicon ally’ of Asia),  including Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Sun Systems, IBM, Yahoo, etc. Bruce was something different.

Bruce T. Dugan interviwed by Small Business EnterpriseHe arrived in Bangalore in 2012 with the intent to have a friend’s firm build a product he had conceived. His intent was to come for a month to lay out the project, then head to Thailand for a few months while they coded, ultimately returning for the final development phase. By October 2013 he was still there and found himself on the cover of Small Business Enterprise.

With little progress being made by the Bangalore firm, this serial entrepreneur ended up launching a company hiring a few locals that he met while waiting. In an interview with Business Connect, Magazine, he said — in response to why he started the company —   “It seemed like a good idea at the time. And I liked these guys.”

The company went on to be named Startup of the Month in 2014, listed as one of the top social media promotion companies in 2015, top consulting firms in 2016, Bruce being profiled in CEO Magazine in 2017, and now …

Top 25 Most Valuable CEOs in India.

“The company had its ups and downs,” he said, but they’ve become better each year because of it. While they began as a technology-based company, it evolved and changed focus over time and emerged as a digital agency. This meant they focused more on branding & design, online marketing (SEO, PPC, SEM, Social), website design & development, and a host of automated solutions through a sister company  – like domain management & hosting,  directory management, as well as consulting.

He had co-founded a technology company in 2005 while living in Buenos Aires (where the CTO for all the companies resides), and in 2017 launched another technology division of Incognito Worldwide so that the two could collaborate in cross-border projects.

Read the full article in Business Connect Magazine here. (takes a few minutes for page 28 to load)

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