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April 20, 2015
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November 20, 2016
Bruce T. Dugan CEO

Incognito Worldwide was selected by Insight Success Magazine to their top 20 most valuable consulting businesses. Insight reached out to Incognito Worldwide CEO Bruce T. Dugan for a short interview.

insight success Mr. Dugan discussed with Insight Success Magazine the company’s core philosophies, objectives and outstanding projects.

He recounted how he serendipitously met founding partners Sanjeev Aasoori and Nihanth Kandimalla, how they grew as a company, what sets them apart from the competition, and where their sights are headed.

Incognito Worldwide has a unique knowledge base combined from thirty years of entrepreneurial experience in logistics, transportation, film, music, and technology. From this experience they’ve acquired knowledge not only from launching their own startups, but also from seeing how their clients deal with their own industry challenges, including distribution, marketing, sales, administration, promotion and many other facets. They are pulled from industries such as manufacturing, contacting, marketing, government services and procurement.

Interal experience and clients had them working with leaders such as Dupont, Ford, Exhibit Group, Structural Displays, LG, Couristan Carpets, Billboard Magazine,Sumitomo America, Hitachi Denshi, Billboard, Black Beat magazine, Teen Machine Magazine. EMI, and many more.

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Incognito PR Dept.
Incognito PR Dept.
A digital agency focused on branding, consulting, marketing, and technology.

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