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AFX Network is a ground freight industry platform serving shippers, carriers, and 3PLs/ freight brokers. 

Ecosystem design 
Database design and mapping 
Dispatch screen for AFX Portal. 


The transportation sector, especially in ground freight, has often been lagging to adopt and deploy best-of-breed technology, making such projects difficult to gain investor interest. Moreover, new technologies have often been developed by technology professionals often lacking the insight of logistics operations. 


The Inicia-Incognito-I2MEDIALAB teams determined that the system could best be served by being developed on top of the I2MMCMS platform. Steps:

  1. Design the operating ecosystems and functionalities
  2. Design the backend databases
  3. Design the frontend screens
  4. Design the companion mobile apps


The team has developed about 80% of the AFX 3PL Network, Global 3PL 4PL Warehouse & inventory solution, and Urban X local systems, all with their own access and fully integrated to serve up the functionalities of each from any of the three entry points.  More updates coming soon. 

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

From The Client-Partner 

“When I determined that AFX's time had come, the Inicia team -- with Bruce's deep background in logistics and marketing, and Mario's in technology -- made them the perfect partner, not to mention that AFX was Bruce's initial concept, with me providing some additional ideas .” -- Jim Zimbler, Global 3PL Chairman

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