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Launching a new business is daunting, attaining sustainable profitability more so. To achieve it is the combination of a good plan and execution.

Are you launching a retail operation, an eZine, a Saas, or PasS platform?  Do you expect to forever remain a private company, or do you have visions of going public?

Incognito Worldwide together with its sister consulting firm (A2Z will help get your company set up correctly (operationally, and strategically) with the required documents and materials to attract investors and raise capital. 

Raising Capital is no easy task. It takes a focused commitment to developing the correct story to tell, a clear and concise way to tell it. contacting a willing capital investor to hear it, and perfect timing. If the stock market is down, that doesn't mean the interest in seed money or series A investment is also. Capital investors are opportunity-seekers. 

Securing a capital investment is not just about one thing. If an investor were backing a racehorse they'd inspect the horse, its health, and its speed, BUT also the jockey, the trainer, and the farm. Think of yourself as the jockey, your staff as the trainer and from staff, and the horse as the product or company. Will the potential investor read all the documents listed to the right? Possibly not,  but they'll want to see them anyway just to know that you know how to create them. 

Examples are available upon request 


One Sheet and Pitch Deck 

A one-sheet is just what it sounds like -- it is all the relevant summary information: Company, project, description, executive, UVP, and funding round.  
See a partial snapshot of one-sheet here   
See partial snap shot of pitch deck slides here

5 Force Chart and Lean Canvas

The 5 forces chart identifies the major factors that will impact your chances of market success, including -- but not limited to -- competition and barriers to market. This can be a a stand-along display or included as a slide within the pitch deck. 

  example on this page -- click to view.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Chart

The KPI chart is one of the more important documents that potential investors will want to see to display the performa numbers. But they'll also want to see that you have a deep knowledge of your business, its goals, and the skill to develop the chart. View an example on this page - click to view.

Business Plan Executive Summary 

A business plan is an extensive explanation of the company, its strategies, and tactics to achieve them. It is a comprehensive guide to its management, mission, and operations (products and/or services), including sales and marketing, the marketplace, the competition, the entry to the market, and scalability, among many other factors. The Executive Summary is the short version of the longer more in-depth business plan. 

Example available upon request

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