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Our Process

We strive to understand your goals, do the market research and then create a strategy blueprint -- with milestones and the deploy-able tactics to achieve them. We're available for consultation sessions, or on a job-by-job basis..


Our founders have launched and run many startups, and excel at logistics, entertainment production and distribution, marketing, distribution network channels, streamlining processes, and designing sales programs.


Develop the infrastructure for a hub of communication between all aspects of your business -- sales, marketing, technology, support etc. -- to be able to respond quickly to market conditions and client requests. How fast can you adjust and deploy?


Tell the story! Many components abound, but they require a plan; to work in unison to raise brand awareness, visibility, features & benefits, to educate and inform potential and existing customers. Reach them, engage them, identify with them, and retain them as loyal evangelists.

Sales optimization

When a potential client says no, then they've sold you their story --- instead of you selling them yours. We can build your strategy, develop support materials, and train your team into becoming dynamic deal closers.

Business Processes

Efficiently requires well-throughout processes & protocols; a standardized step-by-step process. We've developed many all along the business supply chain; in-house administration, operations, client and vendor management, pricing, delivery systems, and more.

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