Franklin Merchant Capital

Ski Express
January 1, 2017
Empire Global Gaming Inc.
January 1, 2017

Challenges: As a financial services company the site had to present an air of sophisticated professionalism, but also be inviting and casual. SEO and mobile friendly, we had to determine how to show a lot of brief information in some areas, with extensive text in other sections.

Solutions: Business analysis, Website design and development, graphics, text content development, social media page cration and branding, and hosting. We designed the site around their existing logo, then designed the graphics for the site after we analyzed where to place full pages of content vs. breif statements. We settled on focusing on three key services for full pages [and wrote that content], and inserted Ajax tabs on the lower left to display shorter pharagraphs [which we also wrote] for the industries they serviced. The WordPress framework was used as the base to develop the website, with additional configurations added.  The site is hosted on