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Face My Doctor is a PaaS (platform as a service) to provide a turn-key 'practice in a box' telehealth platform for medical professionals. Incognito Worldwide [in conjuncture with its sister company) A2Z Business Consulting was contracting to research and develop a series of branded investor materials. 

5 force chart developed from market research, and then designed 
Partial view of FMD investor one-sheet
projections for ad conversion, traffic, income, costs, and cash runway


To research the marketplace, FMD's past advertising spend and conversions, and to absorb their business model narrative and convert it all into the documents required for investor presentations. 


incognito Worldwide provided the following solutions: 

  1. Market research (to understand their UVP, elevator pitch, market problems, and competitor comparisons)
  2. Develop, write, and design an investor one-sheet
  3. Develop, write, and design an investor pitch deck
  4. Develop, write, and design a 5-force market chart 
  5. Research and develop a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) chart
  6. Consolidate, organize, and set up accounting, and subscription management, systems


The company now has the materials to present to potential investors, and an up-to-date subscription management system that tracks and automates payments, churn rates, and income, plus an up-to-date accounting system to track budget projections vs actual, and can generate P&L, balance sheet, and cashflow  statements

From The Client

“I love these guys! Initially, they were hired to do solely investment materials research, design, and development. and I had to race just to keep up with them. But their knowledge base is so wide and deep, I've since brought them in to handle other aspects of my operations on a contract basis, including accounting, and systems setup and management. ”

-- Anthony Licausi, founder, CEO, Face My Doctor. 

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