Mario Delfino CTO

Mario Delfino

A software engineer and technology architect for over 20 years, Mario served as an adjunct professor of technology at the University of Buenos Aires, Image Campus, and others. He personally developed custom software solutions for the City of Buenos Aires, the Economic Minister of Argentina, the office of the president of Argentina, as well as several Senators.

He is driven to be ahead of the technological curve and developed the company’s I2MCMS framework, which is the engine that powers theMario Delfino company platforms,, ADRS, and several client platforms.

He serves as CTO of Incognito Worldwide, its parent Inicia Incorporated, and I2MEDIALAB. He lends his expertise to new product developments, as well as leading teams on client-driven projects.

He works from the Buenos Aires office of i2MEDIALANB, the subsidiary [of Inicia Incorporated] he and Bruce established in 2005, where he also serves as President.


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