Starting a New Business 

We can assist in setting up the key components correctly 

A new business can be daunting, attaining sustainable profitability more so.  

Are you launching a retail operation, an eCommerce, eZine, Saas, or PasS platform?  Do you expect to forever remain a private company, or do you have visions of going public? Every type of business has a different set of factors to be considered, from accounting to branding, marketing, and operations, among others.

Incognito Worldwide together with its sister consulting firm (A2Z will help to get you set up correctly. We're seasoned operators of various businesses across a multitude of industry sectors,  thus able to identify and define practical business protocols and processes. But in addition to operations, you'll need investment and/or marketing materials, We have an experienced team to provide research, content, and design that can support those efforts from A to Z.

An eclectic team of entrepreneurs

The partners of A2Z Business Consulting are career-long entrepreneurs who currently operate Inicia Incorporated, and its subsidiaries Incognito Worldwide, I2Webservices, I2MEDIALAB, First Drum Films, several brand platforms, and separately A2Z Restaurant Consulting. Bruce has been named a top CEO several times, Eddie was the 2022 Entrepreneur of the year, Mario was named one of the top 5 CTOs in Buenos aires. and Jim is a veteran of the big 4 accounting firms.

Incorporation and Branding 

C corp, S corp, LLC, LLP, LP? Based on what your business is (and plans to be) we can guide you on the correct incorporation structure. and based on that the best state of incorporation.

Accounting Infrastructure 

Accurate accounting is paramount for successful businesses. We'll set up your accounting Chart of Accounts, guide you through procedures, and setup automated solutions. 

Marketing Foundations 

Marketing matters and many companies fail because they shorted their marketing budget. We can do the market research, develop the marketing plans and road map, set up automated systems so that you can execute those plans, or manage the execution of the marketing plan on your behalf. 

Operations Infrastructure

Time is money. Automation can reduce time spent, reduce redundancies and increase productivity. A lean and effective business operation can define profitability. We have extensive experience working with automated systems, be it accounting, billing, collections, or subscriptions, project and task management, social media management, CRM and sales funnels. Rory Valen noted, "Automation is to your time what compound interest is to your money!" 

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