Incognito Worldwide: Sparking A Wave Of Transformation

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Incognito in the press

 Incognito Worldwide: Sparking A Wave Of Transformation was a featured article in Insight Success Magazine in their issue “TECHNOLOGY50 EMERGING COMPANY CEO INSIGHTS“.

The July 2020 interview with Incognito Worldwide CEO Bruce T. Dugan, they profiled the company as a one-stop-shop for digital marketing. Discussions included the approach to B2B and B2C clients; the company’s entrepreneurial journey, their approach;  and their vision for the future.

The digital marketing space has gone through enormous evolutions in the past decade, and during the interview focused on a lot of those changes, and how Incognito Worldwide has adapted.

Bruce’s message for young entrepreneurs was

Do it for the passion; strive for excellence, and make sure to get stuff done!. Many young entrepreneurs are so busy planning before they actually build revenue, that they strategize themselves out of business. So ‘dive in’. You can practice technique, but until you actually try to dive, and then practice over and over, make adjustments, try again. you’ll never get good at it. Sure, you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to face many crises, maybe even fail. But get back on the board and try again. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.”

Priorities are key when running a business. 

Read the full interview and profile in INSIGHT SUCCESS MAGAZINE here.

Incognito Worldwide: Sparking A Wave Of Transformation

It is important to build a scalable model. This begins with a plan, followed by building a foundation that includes technology and people. But not just worker bees, you need people that make decisions in keeping with the company’s core principles. Incognito Worldwide is focused on:




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